HC Deb 25 November 1867 vol 190 cc167-8

asked the Attorney General, Whether, under the provisions of "The Representation of the People Act," the Overseers of the Poor are required to place on the rate book the names of all the Occupiers of Tenements whose Rates before the passing of that Act were paid by the Owner according to the provisions of the Small Tenement Act?


I think the solution of the Question will be found in the 7th section of the Act of last Session, and in the Interpretation Clause. The former says— The full rateable Value of every Dwelling House or other separate Tenement, and the full Rate in the Pound payable by the Occupier, and the Name of the Occupier, shall be entered in the Rate Book. Where the Dwelling House or Tenement shall he wholly let out in Apartments or Lodgings not separately rated, the Owner of such Dwelling House or Tenement shall be rated in respect thereof to the Poor Rate. Therefore, in cases to which the exception does not apply, it will be the duty of the overseers to put the occupiers on the rate book.

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