HC Deb 07 March 1867 vol 185 c1448

said, that perhaps the Secretary of State for the Home Department would state to the House, What information he bad received relative to the Fenian outbreak in Ireland?


Despatches have been received, Sir, giving a more detailed account of the movement which was announced yesterday by my noble Friend the Chief Secretary for Ireland in the telegram which he then read. I do not, however, know that any particular information is given in them beyond what has appeared in the leading journal of to-day. I may, however, make this remark, that in some of the public journals I regret to find that the facts are rather more highly coloured than is justifiable. The only account which I have received this morning is a telegram, which reads as follows:— 11.45 a.m.—Railway line open to Cork. Thirteen prisoners brought into Limerick from Kilmallock. Some wounded; three shot dead. No event of any importance is reported as having occurred last night. Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Waterford quiet.