HC Deb 12 July 1867 vol 188 cc1486-7

said, there was a certain chapel or crypt Adjoining the cloak room which had been lighted up all the evening, and which had been fitted up in all respects to represent a Roman Catholic chapel. It so much resembled a Roman Catholic place of worship that several ladies and gentlemen had thought it incumbent upon them to go through the forms of their religious worship on entering that chapel. He wished to know for what object and at whose expense it had been fitted and lighted up that evening. The exhibition would have been more complete if the adjoining chamber, once occupied by Guy Fawkes, had also been fitted up and shown with it. If they were to have the present exhibition got up regardless of expense, they certainly should have the adjoining chamber also exhibited, so that the whole exhibition might be seen in a complete form. For himself he had felt it to be a great affront to witness an exhibition of that kind.


said, that the restoration of St. Stephen's crypt had been carried on for several years past, and it had not now been lighted up for the first time. The illumination of the crypt was part of the illumination of the House and the corridor connected with it. The hon. Member had asked from what fund the illumination was paid, and he (Lord John Manners) could only say that he apprehended that it was paid for out of the same fund which supplied light for other parts of the building, and be believed that the expense of lighting was about 8s. an hour.


said, everyone must admit the great beauty of the place. He supposed that the restoration had taken place so that they might see an interesting work of antiquity; and further, that they might receive a lesson to avoid the superstitions that had influenced their ancestors. He had never seen any estimate of the cost of restoring the crypt, nor did he remember any Vote in Supply for the purpose.

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