HC Deb 27 February 1866 vol 181 c1238

Mr. WALPOLE reported from the General Committee of Elections; That they had selected the following twelve Members to be the Chairmen's Panel, and to serve as Chairmen of Election Committees for the present Session:—Hugh Edward Adair, esquire; The Right honourable Edward Pleydell Bouverie; Stephen Cave, esquire, New Shorehani; Edward C. Egerton, esquire, Macclesfield; Edward Ellice, esquire; Thomas William Evans,esquire; William Henry Gregory, esquire; The Right honourable John Robert Mowbray; The Right honourable Lord Naas; George Sclater-Booth, esquire; Henry Hussey Vivian, esquire, Glamorganshire; Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, esquire, Montgomeryshire.

Report to lie upon the Table.