HC Deb 12 June 1863 vol 171 c797

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Sir George Conway Colthurst, baronet, for Kinsale.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee*—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Local Government Supplemental* (No. 2) [Bill 165].

Committee—Fisheries (Ireland) [Sir Robert Peel] [Bill 137]—R.P.; Regimental Debts, &c.* [Bill 149].

Report—Regimental Debts, &c.*

Considered as amended—Innkeepers' Liability (No. 1) [Mr. Wykeham Martin]* [Bill 157].

Third Reading—Drainage and Improvement of Land (Ireland)* [Bill 106], and passed; Cayman Islands (Lords)* [Bill 132], and passed.