HC Deb 13 March 1862 vol 165 cc1481-2

(3.) £750,000 Customs Department.


said, that the Committee of Accounts which sat last year, reported that the audit of the income of the Revenue was very imperfect. He should be glad to learn how far the Treasury had been able to carry into effect the recommendations of that Committee.


said, the Committee, after pointing out the defects in the present system of audit, had not proposed any particular form of remedy, but had contented themselves with calling the attention of Government to the subject. As soon as possible after the Report was presented the Treasury placed themselves in communication with the Audit Board, and had been informed from time to time that steps were being taken to carry out the recommendations of the Committee. In compliance with suggestions from the same quarter, and the Act of Parliament passed last Session to give effect to them, an account of the expenditure of the revenue departments for the year 1861–2 would shortly be sent to the Audit Board, and by them dealt with as the Act directed. He had likewise taken care to comply with the final recommendation of the Committee, that the items for Works should be presented in greater detail than hitherto.

Vote agreed to: as were also the following Votes:—

(4.) £1,382,274, Inland Revenue Department.

(5.) £2,084,687, Post Office Services, &c.

(6.) £535,834, Superannuations, &c.

House resumed.

Resolutions to be reported To-morrow.

Committee to sit again To-morrow.