HC Deb 22 March 1861 vol 162 cc210-1

said, he wished to ask, Whether there would be any objection to produce Copies of any Correspondence or other Documents 2'elating to the National Defences addressed to the Board of Admiralty or Commissioners for the National Defences by Captain Cowper Phipps Coles, R. N., and any subsequent Reports from the Commissioners for the National Defences, particularly relating to the sunk fort at Spithead


presumed that, by "documents relating to the national defences," the hon. Member meant the very clever pamphlet which Captain Coles had written on Spithead Forts. Any hon. Gentleman who wished to read that pamphlet could buy it in the usual way at the publisher's. The question relating to the construction of forts at Spithead had been referred to the National Defence Commissioners, not for decision, but for any observations they might have to offer. Their Report would receive from the Government that consideration which the importance of the subject demanded; but it would be premature at present to lay the papers on the table of the House.


said, he wished to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether it is intended to introduce, in the present Session, a Bill to amend the Law of Settlement and Removal, in pursuance of the recommendation of the Committee of last year


said, he was not aware of any intention on the part of the Government to bring in a Bill during the present Session for amending the Law of Settlement and Removal.