HC Deb 11 May 1858 vol 150 cc428-9

said, he rose pursuant to notice to ask the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether the Government have settled the amount that ought to be claimed as compensation from the Neapolitan Government for the Engineers of the Cagliari, Watt and Park; and, if so, whether the demand has been actually made, or whether it has been left to arbitration under the arrangements suggested at the meeting of the Congress of Paris?


said, that before the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs answered the question of the hon. Member for Perth, he wished to put another question of which he had given notice. He wished to know whether his attention has been called to the report of a speech of Count Cavour in the Chamber of Deputies at Turin on the 6th instant, in which the Count states that in Lord Malmesbury's despatch no precise mode of solution was pointed out, but that it was the Sardinian Government that had proposed the modes of action; and, if so, whether he desires in any way to modify the statement made by him on the 4th instant, to the effect that the Sardinian Government had cordially accepted the proposals made to them by Lord Malmesbury? He also wished to know whether any reply has been sent to the despatch of the Marquess d'Azeglio, dated the 24th of March last?


said, in reply to the last question which had been put to him, he would appeal to the House whether anything could be more inconvenient or more unfair than to ask questions of such a nature without previous notice. In answer to the question put by the hon. Member for Perth (Mr. Kinnaird), he was in a position to state that the Government had instructed Mr. Lyons as to the definite amount of compensation to be claimed from the Neapolitan Government for the Engineers of the Cagliari, Watt and Park.


said, he would repeat his question on Thursday.