HC Deb 04 May 1858 vol 150 cc106-7

said, he had the following Motion on the paper— That this House trusts that, in the demands made by Her Majesty the Queen and by the King of Sardinia in relation to the capture of the Cagliari and her crew, Her Majesty will be advised to act in cordial concert with the Sardinian Government, but at that late hour (half-past 11 o'clock) it would be extremely inconvenient to bring forward his Motion. He wished, however, to ask the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether he had any information to give the House relative to the liberation of the Sardinian crew of the Cagliari.


said, he was sure that the House would feel that he continued postponement of the Motion on this very important subject was very much to be regretted. For his own part he had entertained the hope that the explanation given by the noble Earl the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the other House would have been satisfactory to the hon. Gentleman, as it had been satisfactory to the country. At any rate, he had the happines to tell the hon. Gentleman, that though his noble Friend's explanation had not been satisfactory to him, it had been entirely satisfactory to the Ministers and Government of Sardinia; and that Her Majesty's Government had that afternoon received a despatch from Count Cavour, stating that the Government of Sardinia cordially accepted the despatch of his noble Friend (Lord Malmesbury), and were prepared to act in accordance with the suggestions contained in that despatch and the spirit of the protocol of April 14, agreed to at Paris last year. He was not able to give the hon. Gentleman the information he required of the liberation of the Sardinian prisoners, but he was certain that the establishment of this harmony of action between Her Majesty's Government and the Government of Sardinia would lead to such consequences as they must all desire.