HC Deb 07 June 1858 vol 150 c1612

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, in reference to the recent distinguished mark of Her Majesty's favour conferred on the 32nd Foot for their gallant defence of Lucknow, whether or not it is his intention to recommend to the gracious consideration of the Sovereign the claims of the 78th Highlanders, to redeem the pledge given to this regiment by Sir Henry Havelock and Sir James Outram.


said, that this was one of those questions the propriety of which might well be doubted. The prerogative of granting honours rested entirely with the Crown. He could assure the hon. Member that no other part of his duty was so satisfactory as that of laying before Her Majesty recommendations from commanders with reference to individuals and regiments; but no despatch had been received recommending the bestowal of particular honours upon the 78th Regiment. No one could be more sensible than he was of the gallantry of that regiment, but there was no record whatever of any pledge having been given to it either by Sir Henry Havelock or Sir James Outram. On the contrary, the only statement upon the subject which he had seen was one contained in a letter in The Times newspaper, in which Sir James Outram was represented to have said, "Good and glorious as your conduct has been, 78th, your goodness and your glory have been nobly emulated by all the troops who have served with you;" and to have gone on to mention particularly the 90th and 64th Regiments. He could assure the hon. Member that if any of these regiments were recommended by the Commander in Chief for particular honours, he should have the greatest pleasure in presenting such recommendation to Her Majesty.