HC Deb 26 July 1858 vol 151 c2125

said, he rose to ask whether Mr. Ramsay is still Superintendent of Clothing and Stores in the War Department, and retains his full salary and title; also, whether Mr. Webster, who was sent to Rencoi as Accomptant to the Hospital there, but who was sent back by the doctor, there not being anything for him to do, is still retained at a salary of £300 a year?


replied, that Mr. Ramsay never held the office of Superintendent of Clothing and Stores, but he had been Assistant Director of Stores and Clothing. In consequence of some changes which had recently taken place, Mr. Ramsay had, for a time, been removed from the Department, but he still retained the office of Assistant Director of Stores at the same salary. With regard to Mr. Webster, he understood that on his return to England he was employed in examining certain accounts which were in arrear, that he was still so employed, and that whatever he might have had to do at Rencoi there was work enough in the office in which he was now engaged.