HC Deb 02 July 1858 vol 151 cc880-1

said, he wished to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland what are the intentions of the Government with regard to the numerous Bills now before the House relating to Ireland, and to ask him to state which of those Bills he intends to proceed with this Session.


said, he rose to appeal to the Secretary for Ireland not to press the Dublin Police Bill at this late period of the Session. The measure was objected to by the corporation and ratepayers of Dublin, and therefore if Government per- sisted with it the Irish Members would feel it their duty to give it every opposition.


said, the Government were of opinion that the Bills which had been introduced with reference to Ireland were of great practical importance, and they hoped that during the present Session the greater number of them would become law. He must, however, appeal to hon. Gentlemen to allow Irish business to be proceeded with at a later hour of the evening than had been usual for some time past, and if that were done he believed many of the Bills now on the paper relating to Ireland might be passed. It was the intention of the Government to proceed with the Irish Police Bill, many of the objections to that measure being, as he believed, entirely groundless.