HC Deb 26 February 1858 vol 149 c4

NEW WRITS—for Buckingham County, v. Right hon. Benjamin Disraeli, Chancellor of the Exchequer; King's Lynn, v. Lord Stanley, Secretary of State; Cambridge University, v. Right hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole, Secretary of State; Droitwich, v. Right hon. Sir John Somerset Pakington, First Commissioner of the Admiralty; Huntingdon Borough, v. Right hon. Jonathan Peel, Secretary of State; Oxford County, v. Right hon. Joseph Warner Henley, President of the Board of Trade; Wilts (Northern Division), v. Right hon. John Thomas Henry Sutton Sotheron Estcourt, Commissioner of the Poor Laws; Stafford County (Northern Division), v. Right hon. Charles Bowyer Adder-ley, Vice President of the Committee of Privy Council for Education; Stamford, v. Sir Fre- deric Thesiger, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain; Suffolk County (Eastern Division), v. Sir FitzRoy Kelly, Attorney General; Belfast, v. Hugh M'Calmont Cairns, esquire, Solicitor General; Leicester County (Northern Division), v. Lord John Manners, First Commissioner of Works; Salop (Southern Division), v. Viscount Newport, Vice Chamberlain of the Household; Dublin County, v. Colonel Thomas Edward Taylor, Commissioner of the Treasury; Bridgnorth, v. Henry Whitmore, esquire, Commissioner of the Treasury; Cockermouth, v. Lord Naas, Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; Tyrone, v. Lord Claud Hamilton, Treasurer of the Household; Wenlock, v. Right hon. George Cecil Weld Forester, Comptroller of the Household.

PUBLIC BILL—2°. General Board of Health (Skipton).