HC Deb 15 February 1858 vol 148 cc1370-1

said, he would beg to ask the President of the Board of Control whether the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal has made any use of the services of those Officers of the Civil Service who were recalled from their furlough by a Despatch from the Court of Directors to the Governor General of India (No. 116 of A.D. 1857), who have been respectively re-attached to the Bengal Presidency; whether the Officers have received, or will be entitled to, any remuneration for the expenses of their return before the expiration of the furlough they claimed to be entitled to after ten years' service; and, whether the time occupied in performing the double journey will be permitted to reckon as service?


No report. Sir, has been received, nor is it likely that one will be received from the Lieutenant Governor, as to those Officers in the Civil Service who have been ordered to return by the Board of Directors. An order for a return was given at the same time to military men, in consequence of the disastrous and dangerous state of India. The money required for conveying these officers back to India has been paid, and the time occupied in the journey will be allowed as service.