HC Deb 16 April 1858 vol 149 cc1185-6

said, he wished to ask the Secretary of the Home Depart- ment, whether there will be any objection to giving directions that a record should be kept of the Nations to which each Prisoner charged at the Metropolitan Police Courts belongs? The noble Lord said his reason for asking this question was, that some weeks ago he applied for a return of the nationality of prisoners who had been charged, and found that no records had been kept. He believed that the crimes committed by foreigners were increasing very rapidly, and probably the state of things on the Continent would, by driving destitute refugees to this country, create a necessity for special action in reference to this subject.


said, the noble Lord had correctly stated that there were at present no records like those which he desired to obtain, but he believed there would be no difficulty in securing such records in future, and he would take steps with a view to the attainment of the object.