HC Deb 10 March 1856 vol 140 cc2112-3



Sir, it seems to be the general opinion of this House that an inquiry should be instituted on the subject of these local charges on shipping; and I do think it desirable and necessary that all parties should agree as to the terms of reference to the Committee to be appointed. I have read the notice of my right hon. Friend the Vice President of the Board of Trade, and the notice of the hon. and learned Gentleman opposite (Sir F. Thesiger), and I see no essential difference between them, so that I apprehend there will be no great difficulty in coming to a conclusion satisfactory to all parties. The terms suggested by the hon. and learned Gentleman may, it appears to me, with some slight addition, be made to contain all that is necessary; and I should propose that the Resolution should run thus— That a Committee be appointed to inquire into the several matters referred to and inquired into by the Commissioners appointed by Her Majesty to inquire into the legal charges upon shipping in the ports of the United Kingdom, and the islands of Guernsey and Jersey; and that the Committee do report their opinion thereupon, and that the Report of the Commissioners be referred to the Committee. If the hon. and learned Gentleman sees no objection, this form of reference may, probably, meet the views of all parties.


It would be impossible for me to have any objection to this form of words, inasmuch as it is my own. The words read by the noble Lord are my own with the single addition—"That the Report of the Commissioners be laid before the Committee." Of course, I can have no objection to that addition; for, as it is expected and understood that the Report of the Commissioners shall form part of the Committee's inquiry, it is quite right that they should have that Report before them.