HC Deb 04 July 1856 vol 143 cc332-3

said, he wished to ask a question of the hon. Gentleman the Secretary of the Treasury to the following effect:—A sum of £5,000 had been applied for by the town council of Alnwick for the improvement of lands belonging to the corporation, and the improvement was commenced accordingly. But the town council found it impossible to get the money from the Treasury, because the Commissioners would not certify, though a year and a half had elapsed. The result was, that proceedings had been taken against twenty-three members of the town council.


said, that in so far as certain improvements referred to in a petition from the freemen of the town of Alnwick came within the terms of the Act which authorised advances for purposes of drainage, the Drainage Commissioners would be prepared to lend money to the amount of £5,000, but this transaction was limited to arable lands, and did not extend to pastures.