HC Deb 02 March 1855 vol 137 c10

said, he would beg to inquire of the hon. Under Secretary of State for War, whether any arrangement has been made to send either to Scutari or to the camp in the Crimea those surgeons of militia regiments who have volunteered their services in accordance with a circular addressed to them from the War Office; or, whether any arrangements have been made to send out the civil practitioners who have offered their services?


said, that a circular had been sent from the War Office to the surgeons of militia regiments, requesting to know whether they were willing to proceed to the East. That circular had not been out more than eight or ten days, and he was informed that no offers had been as yet made in answer to those circulars. With regard to the sending out of civil practitioners to the East, the head of the medical department had been authorised to procure the services of ten practitioners to serve in the army and the hospitals, and an establishment with twenty surgeons was in course of erection at Smyrna.


said, he wished to ask whether the Government had made any inquiry into the salubrity of Smyrna, which he believed to be the most unhealthy part of the Levant?


said, in reply, that Smyrna had been represented as an unsuitable place for the establishment of a hospital; but, before its establishment, commissioners had been sent out, who reported it as favourable, and the salubrity would depend upon the interior management and arrangement of the hospital itself.