HC Deb 01 March 1855 vol 136 cc2089-90

said, he begged to inquire of the hon. Secretary of the Treasury what, if any, new arrangements have been submitted for the approval of the Lords of the Treasury for the classification of the letter carriers of the metropolis, with a view of improving their salaries and superannuations; and if sanctioned, from what date; also, if it is intended to make any provision for granting to the letter carriers, without deduction from their pay, some relaxation in the form of annual holidays, as recommended in the Report upon the Post Office.


said, that in consequence of the recommendations contained in the Report of the Committee on the Post Office, an amalgamation had been made of the two classes of letter carriers—those belonging to the general post and those belonging to the district post—by which the two bodies would be made into one, but that body would be divided into four classes. These classes would be of different ranks, to which they would rise progressively. The number of men was about 2,000, and their classification had required a considerable period; but it was now in such a state of progress that he understood it would be carried into execution in the course of a very few days. With regard to the superannuation, the letter carriers had drawn it under the Act without being called upon to make any payment to the fund. As to the holidays of the letter carriers, it had been arranged that each should have a fortnight's holiday in each year without any deduction, but of course the time of leave must be regulated according to the necessities of the Post Office from time to time.