HC Deb 21 June 1855 vol 138 c2309

said, he begged to ask the right hon. Baronet the Chief Commissioner of Works, in reference to a Return presented on the 19th day of June, showing the proposed extension of buildings connected with the New Palace, Westminster, first, whether he had sanctioned the plans and estimates for 280,272l., on account of which sum 107,175l. had, it was stated, been voted in this Session? Secondly, whether he had approved the plans and estimates for further works proposed, to the amount of 651,285l., which were not included in the plan of the buildings laid before Parliament with the Estimates of the present year?


in reply, said, he must beg the House to distinguish between the two classes of Works referred to in the Return in question:—1st, works indispensable for the completion of the New Palace of Westminster which had received the sanction of the Government, and were in progress; secondly, additional works suggested by Sir Charles Barry as expedient and desirable, but which were not indispensable for the completion of the New Palace, and which had neither been sanctioned by the Government nor commenced. With regard to the first class of works, it had been estimated that the sum required for their completion was 280,000l. on the 31st of March, 1854; of that sum 107,000l. was voted last Session, and 85,000l. this Session. With regard to the second class of works, he should explain that, in consequence of wishes expressed in that House by many hon. Members, he had requested Sir Charles Barry to report to him his views respecting any additional works which he might consider to be desirable and expedient. He had received from Sir Charles Barry a statement in reply, with an estimate that the additional works suggested by him would cost about 650,000l. Those works had not in any way received the sanction of the Government, nor had they been commenced. His (Sir W. Moles-worth's) report with regard to them was under the consideration of the Treasury. It was included in the Return referred to by the noble Lord, and raised questions deserving the consideration of the House.