HC Deb 21 June 1855 vol 138 cc2310-1

said, he begged to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, whether he would lay upon the table of the House the new regulation for the army, whereby officers are entitled to bequeath the regulation value of their commissions under certain circumstances; also, whether the noble Lord would lay upon the table the new warrant, under which pensions to officers' widows were to be increased?


said, he would beg, also, to ask the noble Lord whether a grant of money would be necessary to carry into effect the increased pensions to which the hon. Member had referred?


, in reply, said, that the other evening he had stated what the intentions of the Government were with regard to this subject—those intentions could only be carried out under a new warrant, which was in preparation, and, as soon as it was ready and duly sanctioned, it should be laid before the House. With regard to the question put by the noble Lord the Member for the East Riding, he could not at present say whether any grant of money would be nenessary, but apprehended that, should it be so, the House would readily give their sanction to such a grant.