HC Deb 20 May 1853 vol 127 cc437-8

said, he wished to ask the right hon. Secretary at War, how and in what manner the inquiry into the present state of Kilmainham Hospital, mentioned in Her Majesty's answer to the Address of this House, had been or would be instituted and carried on, the names of the persons conducting such inquiry, and any instructions given to them in relation to it; I also, whether the result of such inquiry would be communicated in a formal and official shape to this House; and also what are the intentions of Her Majesty's Government with reference to carrying out the declared wish of this House for the maintenance of the hospital as a shelter for maimed and worn-out soldiers in Ireland?


said, he had placed himself in communication with Sir Edward Blakeney upon the subject, and he had forwarded to him a list of queries, the answers to which would place him in a condition to judge of the state of that hospital. He had also made inquiries with respect to the regulations under which pensioners were admitted into Chelsea Hospital; and he had to state that it was the intention of the Government to issue orders under which the restrictions which applied to the admission of pensioners to Chelsea Hospital, should be extended to Kilmainham Hospital. The object which the Government sought to attain was, that when pensioners were admitted into the latter establishment, security should be given that none but really maimed and worn-out soldiers should avail themselves of the privilege; so that there might be no recurrence of the abuses which had prevailed at Kilmainham Hospital in former times.