HC Deb 30 June 1853 vol 128 cc977-8

said, he believed that there were a great number of hon. Gentlemen who were willing to vote in favour of the India Bill, as there were some real improvements in it, but who were very much afraid of its being considered a final act of legislation. He wished to ask the right hon. President of the Board of Control whether, in the event of the House consenting to the second reading of the India Bill, Her Majesty's Government would be willing, in compliance with the expressed opinion of many Members of the House, to insert a clause limiting the duration of the intended Act to some certain short term of years—say two, three, or five years?


I beg to state, that the Government are not willing to insert any clause limiting the duration of the Act with respect to India. Of course, it will be in the power of the House, in Committee, to make any alterations; but, as far as the Government are concerned, they will not introduce such a clause.

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