HC Deb 27 May 1850 vol 111 cc424-5

(12.) 12,678l. for expenses connected with the Record Office.


protested against the vote, on the ground that their condition was not satisfactory. Some of them were kept in the Chapter House of Westminster, others in the Tower of London, others in the riding house at Carlton-ride, while the building erected for the purpose was wholly insufficient. There was a fire-proof chest in every parish church in England; but on the Carlton-ride a policeman was kept as the only preservative against fire. It was a disgrace to the country. He should not, however, divide the House on the subject.


had stated, at an early period of the Session, that it was his intention to ask a vote to erect a building for keeping the records on the Crown estate. He trusted, therefore, that the House would agree; to the vote then before it.


said, the records were at present in a worse state than they were forty years since. Many of these estimates consisted of "miscellaneous and "contingencies," so that he was utterly at a loss to understand what such general terms meant.

Vote agreed to.