HC Deb 13 May 1850 vol 110 cc1431-2

LORD ASHLEY moved that the House should go into Committee pro formâ on this Bill, in order that the clause which he had proposed should be withdrawn, and the Amendment of the Government substituted. The Bill as amended would then be printed, and the Committee taken on another day.


said, that upon the House resolving into Committee, and on the noble Lord withdrawing his provisions, he (Sir G. Grey) should then move the clauses of which he had given notice, in the form in which they were printed, with a provision relating to mills worked by water power.


said, he was ready to support the Bill of the noble Lord; but there seemed in this case to be something like a compromise between the noble Lord and the Government. Now, he hated all compromises, and he should not be a party to anything of the sort.


rose to ask the right hon. Baronet whether under the Bill operatives would be enabled to work up lost time in factories worked by water, where the loss of time was occasioned either by deficiency or excess of water?


replied that the object of the hon. Member would be effected by the provision that he intended to introduce.


should like to know if, after the Bill should have received the Government Amendments, it would be considered and treated as a Government Bill, and be forwarded in its future stages on Government nights? There was a great deal of agitation and excitement in the country respecting it, which it was desirable should be terminated as soon as possible.


promised to name an early day for the next stage of the Bill. He thought it very desirable that the question should be settled soon.

The House then went into Committee pro formâ, and the Amendments were added to the Bill.

House resumed.

Bill reported; to be printed, as amended; recommitted for Thursday 23rd May.