HC Deb 24 July 1850 vol 113 cc204-6

Order for Committee read.

House in Committee; Mr. Bernal in the chair.


suggested that the Bill should he withdrawn, as it was obviously impossible for it to pass this Session.


said he felt pledged to the House to go on with the Bill, which had been opposed at every stage hitherto without success. If the Government would undertake to consider the subject during the recess, and bring in some measure next Session, he would readily abandon his Bill.


said, the Government bad brought a Bill into the other House founded on the report of the Commissioners, but the Lord Chancellor thought there were insuperable objections to it. The Government could not properly reintroduce that Bill. The present Bill was modified to meet the objection; he had supported the second reading, and wished to send it up to the other House. But, on the part of the Government, he could not promise to introduce a Bill which would more stringently effect the object in view. At the same time, he would put it to the hon. and learned Member whether he thought there was any advantage in now proceeding with the Bill.


said, be considered he should disappoint the country, unless he proceeded with the Bill. He never could understand why the Government bad abandoned their former Bill. There certainly was no reason why this Bill should not pass.


thought the best course would be to propose that the Chairman do leave the chair—as the hon. and learned Gentleman would apparently he glad to be relieved from further proceeding with the Bill.


said, that nothing but compulsion should make him withdraw the Bill. If it were now thrown out, be would introduce such a Bill again and again.

Motion made, and Question put, "That the Chairman do now leave the Chair."

The Committee divided:—Ayes 61; Noes 36: Majority 25.

House resumed.