HC Deb 19 July 1850 vol 113 cc69-70

House in Committee.


said, the object of the resolutions was, to place home produce on the same looting as colonial produce, and to produce such a duty on sugar used in brewing as would render it equivalent to the malt tax.

Motion made, and Question proposed— 1. That the Duty of Excise on Sugar manufactured in the United Kingdom, shall, until and upon the 5th day of July, 1851, be at and after the reduced rate of eleven shillings per hundred weight, and from and after the said 5th day of July, at and after the rate of ten shillings per hundred weight. 2. That a Duty of Excise of 1s. 1d. shall be charged on every hundred weight of Sugar used by any Brewer of Beer for sale.


said, he had been informed that certain parties which had some time ago attempted to establish in the county Down a manufactory of sugar from beet-root, had been so much thwarted by excise restrictions, that they had been compelled to give up the undertaking. He wished to ask the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether he could give any explanation upon that point?


inquired, if it was the intention of the Government to introduce a Bill for regulating the period at which, and the manner in which, the gauging of syrup should take place, so as to make it conform to the method adopted in the manufacture of sugar.


said, he had never heard any complaints of the kind alluded to by the hon. Member for North Warwickshire, and therefore he was not prepared to give any answer to the question that had been put to him.


said, he had received several communications from Ireland, which clearly proved that the amount of the excise that was levied operated as a prohibition.

Resolutions agreed to.

House resumed.

Resolutions to he reported on Monday next.