HC Deb 19 July 1850 vol 113 cc70-2

Order for Third Reading read.

The CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER moved the Third Reading of this Bill.


opposed the Motion on the ground that sufficient time was not allowed for considering the report of the Commissioners on the subject.


depre- cated any further delay. The principle of the Bill had never been opposed, and a Bill similar in character had already passed the House of Lords. The present measure had received considerable discussion, and the report of the Commissioners did not touch its principle.


wished the Bill not to be pressed this Session. The county courts objected to the operation of the Bill, which would place increased duties on those courts without a proportionate increase of remuneration. He must move that the Bill be postponed.


had stated distinctly that the Bill would he brought forward, so that there was not any reason to complain that it came upon the House by surprise. The measure related to matters on which great and almost personal alarm existed, and a delay at that period would amount to a rejection of the Bill. With respect to the judges of the county courts, who would be affected by its operation, it should be remembered that power was placed in the hands of Government to increase the salaries of those officers; but he objected to those gentlemen coming to the House, through the medium of Members, to stipulate for an increase of salary, and he hoped that that would not be made a ground for delaying the Bill.


thought fair ground had been alleged to call on Government to postpone the consideration of this Bill.


said, the question now raised was, as to additional remuneration to persons connected with the county courts. That was no valid reason for postponing the measure. The present was not a time to stop an important public measure on an incidental question of an increase of salaries to county court judges.


said, many hon. Members on his side of the House wished to have time to consider the report which had been recently placed in their hands. There certainly ought to be further time allowed for the consideration of this Bill; to afford which, he should now move that the House do adjourn.

Whereupon Motion made, and Question put, "That this House do now adjourn."

The House divided:—Ayes 16; Noes 74: Majority 58.


again moved that the debate be adjourned.


said, the report in question contained nothing that ought to obstruct the progress of the Bill. It would materially affect the interest of those charities if there was to be an indefinite delay; which would be the case if the Motion for adjournment was carried.


said, Government had no right to say any unfair delay was contemplated. Some further information had come out recently, which ought to be considered before the Bill went forward. No opposition would be offered to the Bill on Monday next.

Third Reading postponed till Monday next.

The House adjourned at a quarter before Two o'clock till Monday next.