HC Deb 01 May 1849 vol 104 c1054

MINUTES. PUBLIC BILLS.—1o Marriage by License.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir John Yarde Buller, from Exeter, and other Places, against, and by Mr. Bright, from Newport, Isle of Wight, in favour of, the Parliamentary Oaths Bill.—By Mr. S. Crawford, from Inhabitants of London, for Universal Suffrage; and from Edward Sharp and others, for Separation of Church and State.—By Mr. G. Hamilton, from the Bath Church of England Lay Association, for an Alteration of the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Act.—By Mr. Bright, from Morpeth, Northumberland, and by other hon. Members, for the Clergy Relief Bill.—By Mr. Roundell Palmer, from Winchester, and several other Places, against, and by Mr. Stuart Wortley, from Chichester, in favour of, the Marriages Bill.—By Mr. Alexander Smollett, from Dumbarton, against the Marriage (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Bankes, from Symondsbury, against Endowment of the Roman Catholic Clergy—By Captain Fordyce, from Aberdeen, and several other Places, and by other hon. Members, against, and by Viscount Melgund, from Greenock, in favour of, the Sunday Travelling on Railways Bill.—By Mr. Colxlen, from Saddleworth, Yorkshire, for the County Rates and Expenditure Bill,—By Mr. Blackstone, from Oxford, for Repeal of the Duty on Malt and Hops.—By Mr. Deedes, from several Places in the Eastern Division of the County of Kent, for Agricultural Relief—By Mr. Turner, from several Places, against the Copyholds Enfranchisement Bilk—By Mr. Tatton Egerton, from Bowden, Cheshire, for Encouragement to Schools in Connexion with the Church Education Society for Ireland.—By Mr. Bright, from North Berwick, complaining of the Influx of Irish Paupers.—By Captain Fordyce, from Aberdeen, against the Lunatics (Scotland) Bill.—By Sir Joshua Walmsley, from Turton and Little Lever, Lancashire, against the Public Roads (England and North Wales) Bill.—By Mr. Bright, from Sheffield, and other Places, for the Abolition of the Punishment of Death.—By Mr. Smollett, from Stirling, against the Registering Births, &c. (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Adderley, from Uttoxeter, for an Alteration of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. Bright, from Manchester, and other Places, for referring International Disputes to the Decision of Arbitrators.