HC Deb 08 March 1849 vol 103 cc383-4

rose to put a question to the noble Lord the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, of which he had given notice. It was stated in the Spanish paper, the Clamor Publico, which he believed was the noble Viscount's organ in that country, that the negotiations which had been going on for some time past, with the object of reopening diplomatic relations with England, had been brought to a successful termination. He wished to know from the noble Lord in what state those negotiations really were; and whether, if they were closed, the papers and correspondence relating to them would be laid before the House? Another question he wished to put to the noble Lord was, whether there would be any objection to lay on the table the correspondence and explanation relative to the expulsion of Sir H. Bulwer from Madrid, brought to this country by Count Mirasol, though not officially received by Her Majesty's Government.


With regard to the first question which had been put to him by the hon. Member, he had no communication to make to the House, except that the statements referred to were not true. As to the second, whether he was prepared to lay on the table the communications brought by Count Mirasol, his answer was, that he had them not, and, therefore, could not produce them.

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