HC Deb 12 July 1849 vol 107 cc211-2

PUBLIC BILLS 1° Pilotage; Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention; Regimental Benefit Societies; Enlistment (Artillery and Ordnance).

2° Relief of Distress (Ireland) (No. 2); Petty Bag, &c. Offices Amendment; Commons Inclosure; Lunatics Asylums (Ireland); Labouring Poor Act Amendment (Ireland); Land Improvement Amendment Act (Ireland).

Reported.—County Rates, &c.; Chapels of Ease (Ireland).

3° Newgate Gaol (Dublin); Trustees Relief; Boroughs Relief; Titles of Religious Congregations (Scotland); Turnpike Trusts Union.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Shafto Adair, from Cambridge, for the Duration of Parliaments Bill, &c.—By Lord Henry Bentinck, from Mansfield, for Universal Suffrage By Mr. Henry Baillie, from Inverness, against the Marriages Bill.—By Mr. Miles, from Bridgewater, for Agricultural Relief.—By Mr. Page Wood, from the Parishes of Hincksey, Sunningwell, Kennington, and Radley, for Protection in case of the Inclosure of Bagley Common.—By Mr. C. P. Grenfell, from Preston, for the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill—From Kemerton, for an Alteration of the Law respeetinig the Conditions on which Grants in Aid of Education are dispensed.—By Mr. Thicknesse, from Lancashire, against the Mines and Collieries Inspection Bill.—By Mr. Heywood, from Wray with Botton, for an Alteration of the Poor Law Union Charges Act Amendment Bill.—By Mr. Henry Stuart, from Kilconniola, County of Antrim, for the Protection of Women Bill.—By Sir Henry Meux, from Ride, in the County of Hertford, for an Alteration of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. Cardwell, frsm Liverpool, for an Alteration of the Small Debts Act Amendment Bill.