HC Deb 09 July 1849 vol 107 cc2-3

PUBLIC BILLS.—1° Audit of Railway Accounts; Petty Bag, &c. Offices Amendment; Commons Inclosure (No. 2); New Zealand Land Conveyances; Compound Householders.

2° Poor Relief (Cities and Boroughs); Boroughs Relief; Trustees Relief; Friendly Societies (No. 2); House of Commons Offices.

Reported.—Joint Stock Companies Act (1848) Amendment; Newgate Gaol (Dublin); Highway Rates; Turnpike Trusts Union; Titles of Religious Congregations (Scotland).

3° Poor Relief (Ireland); Bankruptcy (Ireland); Real and Personal Property Transfer.

PETITIONS PRESKNTED. By Mr. P. Miles, from Bristol, for Universal Suffrage.—By Mr. Bateson, from Magherafelt, for the Clergy Relief Bill, and for a Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Mr. Gladstone, from Aberdeen, against, and by Mr. Coles, from Boston, in favour of, the Marriages Bill.—By Mr. Cowan, from the Scottish Anti-State-Church Association, for an Alteration of the Australian Colonies (No. 2) Bill,—By Mr. Wrightson, from Northallerton, for Repeal of the Duty on Attorneys' Certificates.—By Mr. Duncan, from Dundee, for Reduction of the Public Expenditure.—By Mr. Osman Ricardo, from Worcester, for the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill.—From the Tower Hamlets, for the Prohibition of Interment in Towns.—By Mr. Thornely, from Middle Hutton, against the Mines and Collieries Bill.—By Mr. W. Fagan, from Cork, against the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.