HC Deb 27 April 1849 vol 104 cc930-1

NEW WRIT.—For Sheffield, v. Henry George Ward, Esq., Chiltern Hundreds.

PUBLIC BILLS.—1o Poor Relief (Ireland).

2o Exchequer Bills (17,786,700l.); Ecclesiastical Commission.

Reported.—Poor Laws (Ireland) Rate in Aid.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. John Tollemache, from Wyton, Huntingdonshire, against the Parliamentary Oaths Bill.—By Mr. Hume, from Inverbervie, Kincardineshire, for the Affirmation Bill.—By Mr. Carter, from Winchester, and by other hon. Members, for the Clergy Relief Bill.—By Mr. Goulburn, from Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Middlesex, against, and by Captain Edwards, from Halifax, in favour of, the Marriages Bill—By Mr. Benjamin Smith, from Dunfermline, and by other hon. Members, from several Places, against the Sunday Travelling on Railways Bill.—By Mr. Disraeli, from Proprietors and Planters of Jamaica, and from Inhabitants of Nova Scotia, for Inquiry and Redress.—By Lord Rendlesham, from a great Number of Places in the Eastern Division of the County of Suffolk, for Repeal of the Duty on Malt.—By Mr. Cobden, from Great Yarmouth, and other Places, for Reduction of the Public Expenditure.—By Mr. Forster, from the North British Railway Company, respecting Taxation of Railways.—By Mr. Disraeli, from the Eton Union, for Rating Owners of Tenements in lieu of Occupiers; and from Colchester, for Agricultural Relief.—From Members of the Irish Branch of the United Church of England and Ireland, for giving Encouragement to Schools in Connexion with the Church Education Society for Ireland.—By General Lygon, from Worcester, against the Friendly Societies Bill—By Mr. Hume, from Montrose, against the Lunatics (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Drummond, from the Dorking Union, for Redress of Grievances affecting Poor Law Medical Officers—By Mr. Cowper, from Bishop Stortford Union, Herts, for a Superannuation Fund for Poor Law Officers.—By Viscount Bernard, from Ballyclough, County of Cork, for an Alteration of the Poor Law (Ireland).—By Mr. Mundy, from Ratepayers of the County of Derby, against the Public Roads (England and North Wales) Bill.—By the Marquess of Granby, from Magistrates of Stamford, for an Alteration of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. Masterman, from the City of London, against the Removal of Smithfield Market.—By Mr. George Thompson, from Languike, Glamorganshire, and by other hon. Members, that Inter national Disputes may be referred to the Decision of Arbitration.