HC Deb 04 July 1848 vol 100 c87

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Viscount Morpeth, from several Officers of the Thorne Union, West Riding of Yorkshire, for a Superannuation Fund for Poor Law Officers.—By Mr. Marshall, from the Borough of Great Yarmouth, for an Alteration of the Public Health Bill.—By Mr. Vernon Smith, from the Northamptonshire Mechanics' Institution, for Alteration of the Scientific Societies Bill.—By Sir George Clerk, from Dover, for an Alteration of the Dealers in Spirits Bill.—By Mr. Osman Ricardo, from the Borough of Worcester, for an Honest and Protective System of Parliamentary Elections.—By Dr. Bowring, and Lord Dudley Stuart, from a Number of Places, for Adoption of Universal Suffrage.—By Lord Dudley Stuart, from the Parish of St. Pancras, for Inquiry into the Bakers' Grievances.—By Mr. Colvile, from Davenport, for a Suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act (Ireland).—By Mr. C. Anstey, from Sunderland, for Redress in the Case of William Tinmouth.