HC Deb 06 May 1847 vol 92 c462

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Captain Gladstone and other hon. Members, from several places, for Alteration of the Law of Marriage.—By Mr. H. Baillie, from Members of the Parochial Board of the United Parishes of Daviot and Dunlichity, and Mr. F. Dundas, from the Presbytery of Cairston. against the Marriage (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. W. Denison, from Peckham, for Inquiry respecting the Rajah of Sattara.—By Mr. Bright, from Bridgewater, against the Use of Grain in Breweries and Distilleries.—By Mr. C. Berkeley and other hon. Members, from several places, for Regulating the Qualification of Chemists and Druggists.—By Mr. Bright, from several places, against, and Mr. Divert, from Members of the Exeter Reform Association, in favour of, the proposed Plan of Education.—By Sir W. Clay and other hon. Members, from several places, for and against the Health of Towns Bill.—By Mr. Forbes, from the County of Stirling, and Mr. Fox Maule, from Perth, in favour of the Heritable Securities for Debt (Scotland); Burgage Tenure (Scotland); Transference of Land (Scotland); Service of Heirs (Scotland); and Crown Charters (Scotland) Bills.—By several hon. Members, from a great many places, in favour of the Medical Registration and Medical Law Amendment Bill—By Mr. Barclay, from Sunderland, against the Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—By Lord J. Russell, from Kingston-upon-Hull, for an Efficient Poor Law (Ireland).—By Mr. Lefroy, from Clergy of the Diocese of Ardagh, for Alteration of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Goulburn, from Guardians of the Reigate Union, and Mr. Maunsell, from Guardians of the Brixworth Union, for Repeal or Alteration of the Poor Removal Act.—By Mr. F. Dundas and other hon. Members, from several places, against the Registering Births, &c. (Scotland) Bill; and Marriage (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Wodehouse, from Guardians of the Aylsham Union, for Alteration of the Law of Settlement.—By Sir F. Thesiger, from George Drew, of Bermondsey, for Inquiry respecting the Small Debts Act.—By Mr. E. Vivian, from Truro, against the Towns Improvement Clauses Bill.

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