HC Deb 15 March 1847 vol 90 cc1340-1

had observed, with much satisfaction, that a circular to agriculturists had been issued by Captain Gilbert, inspecting officer of public works in Sligo; and he wished to know from the Secretary for Ireland, whether that circular had been issued generally from the Board of Works? It was a well-timed document, and ought to be made known all over Ireland:— Sligo, March 10. The season has now arrived when it is to be hoped that all persons who have it in their power will commence immediately to put seed into the ground. If any person who is now employed on the public works is desirous of working on his own land, he is at liberty to do so, and send one of his family to work in his place. Any proprietor who wishes to have some of the labourers on the public works for their own employment, will apply to the nearest overseer for as many as he may require, giving him a list of the men that he has selected. The overseer will deliver them over to the person demanding them, and forward the list to the inspecting officer. In case the labourers refuse to be employed by any private individual, their names will be immediately struck off the pay list, and they will no longer be employed on the relief works. Farmers requiring horses to assist in ploughing their land, may apply to the carmen employed on the public works, offering them fair wages. In case the carmen refuse the use of their horses, they will be immediately discharged from the works. F. T. GILBERT, Inspecting Officer.


agreed with the hon. Gentleman that the circular which he had just read was a well-timed and judicious document. If he had given notice of the question, he (Mr. Labouchere) would have taken care to inform himself, so as to be able to give a correct answer. He might state, however, that his impression was, that it was not a general circular, but one put forth by Captain Gilbert alone.


would suggest to the right hon. Gentleman that the Board of Works ought to make the circular a general one, if it was not already so.


thought, from the general instructions which had been given by the Board of Works, that the suggestion now made would be altogether superseded.