HC Deb 22 April 1847 vol 91 c1158

wished to put a question to the Colonial Secretary as to a statement on the subject of the transportation of military offenders. That statement was, that in future offenders in the Indian army were to be transported to the Cape of Good Hope; and he should be glad to be informed if it were true, whether the decision had been come to alter communication with the authorities in the colonies, and whether the expense was to be defrayed out of the imperial funds?


answered that it was true that it had been decided that military convicts in the Mauritius should be conveyed to the Cape of Good Hope, where, as the hon. Member was aware, a depôt had been established. The expenses, as in all other similar cases, were to be borne out of the imperial funds. That was the only decision that had at present been come to; but it was a subject that must be viewed as a whole, and not with reference to particular regulations.