HC Deb 16 April 1847 vol 91 c873

inquired whether any step had been taken to reward the Spanish captain, who had so humanely and generously gone to the assistance of the survivors of the unfortunate steam ship the Tweed?


said, that Government had received with the highest satisfaction the intelligence of the heroic conduct referred to by the hon. Member. Lord Auckland had, in consequence, been charged by Her Majesty to express to the Spanish captain the high gratification She had received from the generous course he had pursued. For this purpose his Lordship had been commanded to request the acceptance of a medal, upon which would be recorded the high service he had rendered in rescuing the survivors of the Tweed, with the date of the event. At the same time Her Majesty had directed that a gift of 500l. should be made to the captain to be disposed of in the manner most acceptable to the excellent and gallant officer, and to testify the sense Her Government entertained of his conduct.