HC Deb 15 April 1847 vol 91 cc818-9

wished to renew a question which had been asked the other evening, as some misapprehension existed as to the noble Lord's reply. The question was, whether it was the intention of Her Majesty's Government to remove those disabilities which now prevented persons of the Jewish religion from taking their seats in that House? He understood the noble Lord to state, that no such intention existed; and he had likewise understood the noble Lord to state, that he would not say whether he might not bring in a general measure with reference to the subject of civil disabilities. What he now asked, therefore, was, whether it were the intention of the noble Lord during the present Session to bring in any measure which, though it might not be specifically intended to remove those disabilities, would, in point of fact, involve their removal?


said, the hon. Gentleman was correct in stating that his former answer had not been generally understood, though the hon. Member had collected the sense of what had fallen from him. It was not his intention to bring in any specific measure to alter the law and enable Jews to sit in Parliament; but, if any general measure should be introduced with respect to a change in regard to oaths to be taken, it might form a part of such general measure to take into consideration the words which prevented the Jews from holding certain offices and from sitting in Parliament. He did not at all intend to propose such a measure in the present Session; but he would not give any absolute pledge that he would not afterwards undertake such a measure.