HC Deb 07 April 1846 vol 85 cc675-6

rose to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department when the public general Bill for "the inclosure of those waste lands which the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales have certified, in their annual Report, to be expedient, but which may not be further proceeded with without the authority of Parliament, will be presented to the House; and also whether the said Commissioners will be instructed to report specially, at a later period of this Session, upon such applications for inclosure as have been received by them since the date of their annual Report; and if so, whether a second public general Bill will then be presented to the House, with a view to avoid delay; and also what restrictions, if any, are contemplated to the introduction of private Inclosure Bills, with a view to an efficient and inexpensive protection of the interests of those commoners who, by petitions to this House, allege that there are not any circumstances so special in themselves as to render the provisions of the General Inclosure Act inapplicable in whole or part to such inclosures?"


said, that he had obtained permission to bring in a Bill to give effect to the inclosures specified in the Report of the Inclosure Commissioners of the 31st day of January last, so far as those inclosures required the additional sanction of Parliament. He was aware that, under the Act of the last Session, the Commissioners would make separate reports; and if the number of additional applications for inclosures was such as to render it advisable, they would make a second report this year, and he should be ready to proceed with another Bill to give effect to it. With respect to the last question of the noble Lord, he agreed with him, that since the general Inclosure Act had passed, they should view with jealousy any private Inclosure Act. Great facilities were now given to the rich supporters of such Bills, but poorer persons interested in them laboured under great disadvantages; and, therefore, the House should view them with jealousy. He thought that some restriction was desirable, but he was not then prepared to say what that should be.