HC Deb 03 April 1846 vol 85 c492

PUBLIC BILLS. — Reported. Railway Deposits, &c.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Packe, from the Electors for the Southern Division of the County of Leicester, alleging Fraudulent Objections to Votes of Electors.—By Sir James Graham, from Members of the Roman Catholic Church in the Counties of Durham and Northumberland, and others, for Alteration of Law respecting Roman Catholic Chapels.—By Lord John Russell, from Natives of the Principality of Wales now residing in London, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor Dioceses.—By Mr. Hindley, from Bankers, Merchants, and Manufacturers of Ashton under Lyne, for a Speedy Adjustment of the Measure respecting Customs and Corn Importation.—By Lord John Russell, from Inhabitants of Paddock, and Factory Workers in the employ of William Christy and Sons, for Limiting the Hours of Labour in Factories to Ten.—From the Regular Operative Funnel Cleaners (heretofore designated as Chimney Sweepers) of the City of Dublin, for regulating their Occupation by License.—By Mr. Antrobus, Mr. Estcourt, Mr. Sidney Herbert, and Lord Harry Vane, from a number of places, for Repeal or Alteration of the Lunatic Asylums and Pauper Lunatics Act.—By Mr. M'Carthy, from President and Members of the Medical Society, for Better Regulation of Medical Charities (Ireland). — By Lord Harry Vane, from Inhabitants of Stockton on Tees and New Shildon and its Vicinity, against Enrolment of Militia.—By Mr. Poulett Scrope, from Ratepayers in the Parish of Brinklow, against the Poor Removal Bill.—By Mr. Wakley, from Members of the National Association for the Political and Social Improvement of the People, meeting at the National Hall, High Holborn, against the Protection of Life (Ireland) Bill.—From Members of the Leeds Stock Exchange Association, for deferring the Third Readings of Railway Bills.