HC Deb 02 May 1845 vol 80 cc99-100
Mr. Labouchere

would put a question to the right hon. Gentleman on a subject of great importance to the manufacturing interests of this country. He had not given notice of his question, and if the right hon. Gentleman were not prepared to answer it now, he would perhaps have the kindness to do so on an early future occasion. He had seen it stated in the public prints, that accounts had been received from the Brazils, stating that the Brazilian Government had recommended the Legislature to impose an extra duty of 20 per cent. upon British cottons, so long as it remained the policy of this country to impose an extra duty upon sugar the produce of Brazil, as distinguished from Foreign sugar and sugar the produce of our Colonies. It was also stated in the letter by which this intimation was received, that there was every probability that the Brazilian Legislature would assent to the proposal made on the part of the Government. The question which he would now put to the right hon. Gentleman was, whether or not he had received any official intimation upon this subject, and whether he could confirm or deny the statement which had appeared in the public prints?

Sir R. Peel

was confident that no official information had been received on the subject. He had seen the noble Lord the Secretary for the Colonies but the day before, and was confident that, had such information been received, the noble Lord would have mentioned the fact to him. If the right hon. Gentleman had given him notice of his question, he might have been able to answer him more particularly, but he was confident that no information whatever had been received.