HC Deb 28 July 1845 vol 82 c1138

The Report on the Removal of Paupers Bill was brought up. On the question that it be agreed to,

Mr. Sharman Crawford

complained that the Bill would cause a great deal of misery by separating families. He would mention one instance, that of a labouring man, who, after leaving Newtownards, had resided thirty-three years at Whitehaven, and having become chargeable to the parish, he was immediately sent off to Newtownards, regardless of his prayers and entreaties to be permitted to remain at Whitehaven, where some of his children had gained settlements. This separation had so great an effect upon the unhappy man's mind, that he had hanged himself.

Sir J. Graham

said, that the Bill was intended chiefly to relieve Scotch and Irish paupers from many of the evils to which they had hitherto been exposed. In respect to the case mentioned by the hon. Member for Rochdale, he believed that the head of a family could not be removed in the way mentioned against his will, and if he were thus improperly removed, the party so offending would be subject to a severe penalty.

Report agreed to. Bill to be read a third time.

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