HC Deb 25 April 1845 vol 79 cc1355-6

On the Motion that the Speaker do now leave the Chair, for the House to go into Committee for voting the grant to Maynooth College,

Sir R. Peel

put it to the House whether, considering the very long continuance of the debate, it would not be most convenient for all parties—and to his hon. and learned Friend the Member for the University of Cambridge, whether he would not secure a greater amount of attention for his Amendment and his speech—were he to introduce the proposition in Committee upon the Bill. If the discussion to come on upon his hon. and learned Friend's Motion could be postponed to another day, he could not help thinking that such a course would be one in conformity with the general wishes of the House. The debate might be advantageously taken upon another and more advanced stage of the Bill.

Mr. Law

would at once comply with the suggestion. Allowing the House now to go into Committee, he would give notice that upon the bringing up of the Report he should move that it be received that day six months. He supposed that the Report would be brought up on Monday.

House in Committee.

Resolution as follows agreed to:— That a sum of not exceeding 30,000l. be issued out of the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to defray the expense of purchasing such land, and of purchasing, and erecting such buildings, as may be required for the College of Maynooth; and of repairing, fitting up, and furnishing the said College and buildings; and that provision be also made, out of the said Consolidated Fund, for the payment of such annual salaries, stipends, and other expenses at the said College, as may be authorised by any Act to be passed in the present Session of Parliament.