HC Deb 20 March 1843 vol 67 c1145

Sir G. Clerk moved, that the report on the Slave-trade (Payment of Bounties) Resolution be received.

Captain Pechell

inquired, first, whether the tribunals by which vessels taken were to be tried, were to be under a mixed commission, or under the Admiralty Court; and, next, whether it was under this bill intended to give the bounty of 4l. on the tonnage of every vessel seized, but not containing slaves, though equipped for the Slave-trade; and, further, whether the bounty of 2l. 10s. per ton would be paid upon all vessels seized and broken up

Sir G. Clerk

replied, that the tribunals by which vessels so seized would be condemned depended upon the treaties entered into on the subject of the Slave-trade. According to two of those treaties, the tribunals would consist of mixed commissions, and by the third the Admiralty Court. With regard to the bounty on tonnage, it was unnecessary to make any provision on this bill, because the statute 1 and 2 Victoria, chap. 47, gave power to the courts to grant such bounties.

Report agreed to.