HC Deb 09 June 1843 vol 69 cc1297-8

ELECTION PETITION. By Lord John Russell, from Durham, against the undue election for that Borough of Lord Dungannon.

BILLS Public—.Committed.—Poor Relief (Ireland).

Reported.—Pawnbrokers Trade (Ireland)

Private.—2° Todhunter's Divorce; Drumpeller Railway.

Reported.—Northampton Improvement; Balfour's Estate; Sutherland Roads; Kendall's Divorce; Plymouth Roads; Carriages and Boats Regulations; Topsham Improvement; Admiralty Lands.

3°. and passed:—Great Bromley Inclosure.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir G, Staunton, from the Coroners of Bucks, for Better Remuneration.—By Messrs. Trelawney, R. Yorke, Busfield, Hindley, C. Berkeley, Scholefleld, Watson, Allix, B. Wood, Attwood, W. Ellis, Forster, Brocklehurst, and Cobden, Lords J. Russell, and Pollington, Dr. Bawring, sir J. Hammer, and Colonel G. Langton, from a great number of places, against, and from twelve places, in favour of the Factories Bill. — From Sowerby and Bradford, for further Limiting the Hours of Labour in Factories.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from Cooper and other Chartists, for better Treatment in Gaol; and from Bridport and other places, for Inquiry into the Treatment of Political Offenders.—From Peterhead, for Amending the Act relating to the Merchant Seamen's Fund.—From two places, for the Repeal of the Roman Catholic's Relief Act, and against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—From Rochdale, for some means to abate the nuisance of Smoke from Factories.—From Cheltenham, Horbury, and St. Olaves, (Southwark) against the County Courts Bill.—From Rothley and other places, for Inquiry into the Allotment System.—From Derby, for Carrying out Rowland Hill's plan of Post Office Reform.—From Birmingham, for the Repeal of the Union.—From Peter Campbell, against the Irish Arms Bill.—From Sheffield, for reinstating the Irish Magistrates who have been dismissed, into their offices.—From an Anti-slavery Society, for further Inquiry into the Slave Trade. —From Dundee, for abolishing the exclusive Privileges of Guilds and Incorporations of Scotland—From Cheltenham, in favour of the Scientific Societies Bill.—From Whitburn, Sabden, Hamilton, and Falkirk, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of all Corn and Provision Laws.— From St. Albans, Redburn, Codicote, and Hexton, for for Church Extension.—From Medical Officers of Workhouses in Ireland, and from Tipperary Union, against the Poor Relief (Ireland) Act.—From Devenish, and other places, against any further Grant for Education (Ireland).