HC Deb 09 June 1843 vol 69 c1298
The Speaker

said, he had to acquaint the House that he had received a letter from Lord Ellenborough, the Governor-general of India, acknowledging the receipt of the thanks of that House to the officers and men engaged in the late campaign in Affghanistan, which, with the permission of the House, he would read. The right hon. Gentleman read the letter as follows—

Agra, April, 21. 1843.

" I have had the highest satisfaction in communicating to the army engaged in the late campaign in Affghanistan, the unanimous thanks which had been voted to it by the House of Commons.

" It is gratifying to me that the House should have thought fit to acknowledge the part I had in supporting the military operations."

I have the honour to remain,


Your most obedient Servant,


The right hon. the Speaker

of the House of Commons.

Ordered to be entered in the Journals.

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