HC Deb 03 August 1843 vol 71 cc225-6

In reference to this bill,

Lord Russell

stated, that he had received a communication from the Constitutional and moderate Committee of the Church of Scotland, informing him that a special meeting of that body was summoned for Wednesday next, to take into consideration the provisions of the bill before the House. Considering that this bill was one of very great importance, nearly affecting the interests and most cherished feelings of the Church of Scotland, and that it would be desirable to hear what was the opinion of that Church upon the measure in its amended form, he begged to ask the right hon. Baronet whether, in the first place, Government intended to press the measure, before they had given the special commission an opportunity of considering it as it now stood, and, secondly, whether they proposed to persevere with it in spite of any opposition which the Church of Scotland might make to it? Among other prominent persons who had expressed their strong objection to it was Dr. Cook.

Sir J. Graham

said, it was his intention to proceed steadily with the committee on that bill, either on Monday or Wednesday, but it was not his wish unduly to press forward the measure, and before it reached its final stages, the special commission, of which the noble Lord spoke, would have ample time for considering and giving an opinion upon it.