HC Deb 03 August 1843 vol 71 cc226-7

House in committee on the Limitation of Actions Bill.

Counsel were heard against the 4th clause of the bill.

On clause 4, being proposed,

Mr. T. Duncombe

hoped that her Majesty's Government would grant the prayer of the petitioners, the Marquess of Clanricarde, the Earl of Glengall, Lord Dunsany and others, and that the power of bringing actions would be extended from six months to six years. These petitioners he considered had acted rightly in not submitting their case to the House of Lords, as they were Members of that House. It was to be observed that Ireland had been exempted from the act of 1833, and he saw no reason now why it should not be included in 1843. In this respect English Catholic patrons were much more favourably situated than the Irish Catholics, for, in point of fact, English Catholics did present to Protestant livings; for instance, the Duke of Norfolk had twenty-nine livings. He proposed to strike out, as we understood, the words "six months," for the purpose of introducing the words "within six years."

Sir J. Graham

suggested that the objection should be postponed until the bringing up of the report.

The clause agreed to; bill went through the committee, the House resumed, bill to be reported.