HC Deb 07 June 1842 vol 63 c1316

NEW MEMBERS.—The Earl of Desart, and Thomas Gladstone, Esq., for Ipswich.

BILLS. Public.—1o. Mines and Collieries j Sugar Duties.

Reported.—Law of Merchants.

Private.—2o. Charterhouse Hospital Estate; Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

3o. and passed:—Imperial Bank of England; Medbourn Inclosure (No. 2); Ross and Cromarty Court Houses; Fleetwood Improvement and Market; Gravesend Town Pier; North American Colonial Association of Ireland Imperial Insurance Company; Church Stretton and Longden Roads.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From the Moderator of Caithness, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—From the Catholics of Macclesfield, for Equality of Civil Rights.— From York, Redeor, Martley, Liskeard, Hadlow, London, Tenbury, Aberdeen, Penshurst, Glasgow, Great Ayton, Dunstable, and other places, for the Prevention of Railway Travelling on the Sabbath From Rees Price, for Amendment of the Railway Act.— From the Moderator of Caithness, for declaring Valid all Marriages solemnized by the Presbyterian Ministers between Members of the Established Church and Protestant Dissenters.— From Gainsborough, South Crossland, Woolstanton, Burslem, and Nottingham Unions, for Alteration of the Poor-law Amendment Act.—From Truro, York, Leicester, St. Leonard's Shoreditch, and Christ Church Spitalfields, against the Poor-law Amendment Bill.—From Sutton, and Chichester, against the Dissolution of Gilbert Unions.—From the Provisional Chamber of Commerce, London, for Measures of Relief of Distress in the Manufacturing districts.—From Shrewsbury against Further grant to Maynooth.—From Greenwich, and other places, against Employment of Females in Mines and Collieries. — From Newcastle-upon-Tyne, against the Proposed Export Duty on Coals, and for inquiry into the Distress of the Shipping Interest.—From Donoughmore, for Alteration of the Present System of National Education (Ireland),—From the President of the Chamber of Commerce (Dublin and Carlow), against the Fisheries (Ireland) Bill.—From Plymouth, and Evesham; for the Exemption of Literary and Scientific Institutions from the payment of Rates and Taxes.—From Bexley, complaining of the Expenses of the Metropolitan Police.—From St. Helen's, for the Reduction of the Duty on Coffee and Sugar; and from Holbeton, Brixton (Devon), and other places, as well as from a number of Mortgagees of Tolls and others, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.—From the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter, for Amendment of the Law for rating of Tithes.—From Denbigh, for Repeal of Duty on Attornies Certificates.—From Bristol and Exeter Railway Company, for a Direct Line of Communication between England and Ireland.—From Duncannon, for making Bristol and Waterford Post-office Packet Stations.—From the West Riding of York, and Manchester, for Limiting the Hours of Labour of Young Persons in Factories.—From Quarter Sessions Grand Juries of Dublin, for better Regulating the Business of the Courts-, From Operatives of Manchester (natives of Ireland), for Amendment of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Act, From Henry Turner, for substitution of an Affirmation in lieu of an Oath.—From Cork, against placing the Medical Charities of Ireland under the Poor-law Commissioners. —From Gainsborough, for Rating Owners of Small Tenements in lieu of Occupiers.—From Worcester, against War in China and Affghanistan. — From Worcester, against the Closing of Public Houses.